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Jizu Mountain:According to legend, the Buddha's first disciple Jiaye opened it, known as "the heavens opened Buddhist country, Buddhist Capital of Lingshan. Xu Xiake praised: "wonders are all collected from ancient times, the best scene in the world"! Celebrities and monks in the mountain, leaves a lot of valuable cultural heritage. In Jizu Mountain, you will see east of sunrise, west of Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake, south of clouds, north of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, feeling Zen everywhere. Step back and think life can have a few back? Tips: From Binchuan County take bus to Jizu Mountain Gate, 15 yuan / person. Can take the scenic battery car (16 yuan / person) and ropeway (75 yuan / person). Tel: 0872-7145557 Tickets: 80 Yuan / Person.
Contact: grrvs@163.com      Dali Prefecture Tourism Development and Management Committee