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Weishan Cuisine:Veritable gourmet hometown, it is a saying "eat in Weishan". Weishan snack street brings together of the Fire Meat Lure, bean powder snack, rice noodles, bean powder pieces, rice vermicelli, pea cake, one-noodle and etc; as well as cattle preserved meat, Weishan Sweetmeat, diet foods, Qinghua Green Tea, superb gifts for relatives. Food Street: Snack street, walking street of the south city, west road, Ye Zhu Lin Park, north city road. Weishan Specialty:The quaint flavor is everywhere in Weishan, even local specialty. Weishan grass backless stool is natural, plain, and solid, as well as Yi ethnic embroidered shoes, bamboo products, etc, each of which is a scene. Address: the walking street of Weishan Ancient City. Fire Meat Lureú║Most distinctive snacks in Weishan, made of white rice, sweet taste. Fresh pork on a charcoal fire burned, and stew until meat loosened. Placed the Fire Meat Lure in the hot, add seasoning, then into a bowl of delicious soup, taste fragrant lure, 5-8 yuan / bowl. Long Street Banquet: If you think it is not full to eat snacks, then in the Snacks Festival, you may participate in the long street banquet, authentic cuisine together, never let you dazzle! The long street banquet is a feast of traditional practices of Yi people in Weishan. Every lunar February 8, two kilometers long pedestrian street filled with tables, the floor covered with pine hair, as a long dragon, the long street banquet therefore is so named, 500 yuan / table. One-Noodle of Weishanú║A bowl is One-Noodle, a pot is also One-Noodle, the shop owner selling in one day is One-Noodle. Pasta-loving friends, do not miss, 7-15 yuan / bowl. Home Cookingú║Because of famous specialty snacks, home cooking is easily neglected by travelers. Whether meat or vegetables are delicious, and very affordable, the most authentic is in the walking street of south city, 30-60 yuan / person.
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