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Weishan Nanzhao Culture Scenic Zone Scenic Spots: Weishan Ancient City, Weibao Mountain, East Lotus Village, Bird Road and Impregnable Pass, Zhuo Mu Lang Village, Daxiao Temple, West Temple, Long Yu Tu City Relics Delicious Food: Fire Meat Lure, Bean Cake, Rice Crust Oil Powder, One-Noodle, Long Street Banquet, Home Cooking Special Local Products: Grass Backless Stool, Melon Sweetmeat, Bamboo Products, Tie Dye, Embroidery Ethnic Festivals: Torch Festival, Ancestor Festival, Snack Festival, Lunar February 8, Songhua Festival, Bridge Festival on Lunar July 15, Three Muslim Holidays (Christmas, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha) Weishan is the birthplace of the Nanzhao Kingdom, and delicious food home in China. Here exudes a rustic flavor, ethnic flavor, delicious food flavor, leisure flavor, a place where to enjoy the slow life.
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