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Amazing beautiful romantic Dali, Is the home of the Golden Flower Duan Yu's hometown ,Is the most suitable land for human livings ,Welcome to romantic Dali. CANGER SIGHTSEEING & LEISURE SCENIC ZONE Scenic Spots: Dali Ancient City, Three Pagodas and the Chongsheng Temple, The Semi Gods and Semi Devils Film City, The Butterfly Spring, Cang Hai Golf Club in Dali, Goddess of Mercy Pavilion, Zhang Gardens, Gantong Temple, Wuwei Temple, The Dragon Cave in Shangguan Town, Xizhou Ancient Town, Zhoucheng Village, Shuanglang Ancient Fishing Village, Honey Moon Island, Erhai Lake, Erhai Ring Road, Jingsuo Island, Little Putuo, Tianjing Attic, Erhai Lake Osprey Base, Cangshan Mountain, Ximatang Pool, Yudai Road, Gantong Ropeway, Huadian Basin, General Cave, Longwei Ancient City, Erhai Park Delicious Foods: Raw Hide, Roasted Rice Pie, Fish Casserole, Shaba Fish, Xizhou Pizza, Rice Shrimp, Chicken Rice Noodle Special Local Products: Dali Marble, Tie Dye, Bai People Embroidery, Xiaguan Tuocha Tea Ethnic Festivals: Lunar March Fair, Raosanling, Zaiyang Festival, Patrons Day, Torch Festival, Open Sea Festival
Contact: grrvs@163.com      Dali Prefecture Tourism Development and Management Committee